The recipe to ‘Be The Original You’

  • by Sahil Sharma
  • 5 Months ago
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Disclaimer: This post if not only for women. It is meant for men as well and if you are a man too you need to read this post because your dear mother or your better half can be in any of the below conditions.


A woman’s schedule is considered as the busiest and this statement is really true as well. May be it’s a homemaker or a working professional lady, women really have to spend good time in building and maintaining a family and looking towards their kids.

Majority of women give their maximum time and energy for their family and family members .They choose others over them (one of the gifted nature of women) .

A common thing is noticed that due to their tight schedules majority of women do not take care much about their health. Skipping meals, not exercising and adopting other unhealthy habits become common for them.

Sometimes this careless attitude towards health lifestyle make women end up into the trap of psychological disorders and serious health issues.

Let us first check the symptoms and reasons due to which women end up in trap of Psychological disorders and major health issues.

Reasons due to which women end up getting serious health concerns:

They do not get the required appreciation

This occurs when women completes a task but due to lack of appreciation from family members they start thinking that this could have been done better.

This happens in majority of cases. Even sometimes family members ( especially men ) become so busy with work and life that thy do not even say single word of appreciation.

A lot of daily chores and no helping hand at all

This happens especially with working women who fails to maintain a good work life balance. They have a lot of work load which leads to fatigue and tiredness which further leads to serious health concerns.

They are not robots

Women are women. Alike men they are too operated by a heart and a brain. They do not have chips like Robots. Women constantly choose others over them but sometimes these “others” starts considering them as robots.

I have seen many morons making statements like, ” Mom, Why the food is not ready? What the hell you were doing whole day at home”

Not only such statements but even such people do not make sense to me. As I said They are humans too and not robots. So treat them as humans only.

If you are a men who just enjoys prepared food at home 24 x 7 then I think one day you should give your mother/ or wife a treat by cooking something good for them.

Women too need to understand all such stuff.  Working for your children and hubby is good but if you are not doing some thing for your own healths and even your children and hubby does not cares about their health then you need to stop right this time and start thinking of your health too.

You need to be the best of original you.

Here is How you can be the best of Original You- A Happier and Healthier version of you:-

Make time for yourself

Learn to manage your time. Atleast try to take daily 30 minutes for your health and body. Practising yoga or doing exercise or meditation in this time can make you fit and fine as well as it can make you look brighter and younger.

Yoga makes you connect with our inner soul and helps you to achieve peace. Simple meditation techniques like deep breathing releases stress and gives us a timeout from everything that we are doing and the silence during the meditation period helps you to concentrate only on ourselves and our breathing.

It is important to know that deep breathing makes you feel more relaxed rather than shallow breathing which actually makes you more prone to anxiety.

When you try all these tactics to be able to find yourself just don’t forget to remember how beautiful you are and how much happiness it spreads when you smile because you smile is the source of others hope.

Know you are important and worthy

Be surrounded by people who appreciate you and make you see life positively. Every time you look at your self say positive things like “I did good”, “I am needed and so I am important too”.

If you are a kid reading this saying this statement to your mommy will also help.

Communicate your feelings

Communication is an essential  part of an individuals. If you are a man reading this you should try to give maximum possible time to the queens of your family. May be its your mom or its your wife it becomes important that you strikes conversations with them.

And.. If you do not do this Its very bad of you.

All I want to convey through this post is you need to adopt a health lifestyle and take care of your health. Stay happy and healthy. No matter if you are a man or a woman taking care of health and your family is important for both. You just need to make the perfect balance

Thanks for reading 🙂

Stay Health and Happy

This post is written by team: Best Indoor Bikes We hope you enjoyed reading this post. Share it with your friends, family and other near and dears 🙂

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