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The Summer Day

‘A perfect Summer Day’ – Sun Shines, Breeze blows, Birds Sing.


I am not actually going to sing a song for you but I want to give some tips to lead this summer happily without getting bored or irritated, actually, you can enjoy this summer with these simple tips and lifestyle. Many people change their lifestyle when summer arrives and of course, it’s necessary but there is no need to change it much. You can enjoy the season by making little changes to your regular life if you are not that lazy.

Wake up Early:

Wakeup Early

Wake up Early

Waking up early is not a big thing in summer as you don’t feel any dizziness in the morning. So you can wake up at 5 AM (at least 6 AM is definitely possible). Stepping on thread mill or your regular yoga poses may produce, even more, heat in your body and we know almost all of you left your regular exercise because of this reason. But you can manage it very well if you take some cool foods daily.




The day that begins with a 40-minute walk or 20-minute exercise will let you enjoy the whole day by making you feel the difference! So, you can do some regular exercises that strengthen your body and makes you feel active and cool at the same time. Never ever forget to drink water and not 8 glasses this time, drink as much as you can because t can be taken out from your body very easily now.

Following your normal diet with small minute changes can help you to feel better but if you follow a special diet for this summer, you will never feel the hotness (from inside) this summer. Yeah, it’s summer and hot, but remember drinking cold (refrigerated) water harms your body and increases your body weight though it feels heavenly for a second and you don’t like gaining weight right!

Eat Well:

Eat Well

Eat Well

Don’t skip your breakfast and the time for it is not 10. Make it as soon as possible (before 8.30 AM) and get into your work. Getting some fresh salad or juice twice a day would be helpful to your body. No need to leave your favorite food except it is junk, you can eat anything prepared by your mom! But be careful, take it only in limits. Exceeding the limits will definitely gain you weight.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water

Again I am reminding you, Drink plenty of water. But many of you may forget to take water and I have a great recommendation for you. Haptik is an app (works for both android and iPhone) that really cares for you. You can set a reminder for everything thus water. Many people don’t know the benefits of drinking water and some don’t know how and when to drink water.

How to Drink Water:

If I say drink plenty of water, it doesn’t mean drink water anytime. There are some timings (say it rules) to drink water. Drink a cup of water before one hour (half an hour is ok) of your every meal. If you feel to drink while eating due to the reasons like hiccups or something, you can just sip some. Remember, Drinking 8 cups of water doesn’t only count pure water but also other liquids like juices, Tea, Coffee, etc.

Summer skin Care Tips:

Summer skin Care Tips

Summer skin Care Tips

Skin starts to burn like anything and that irritates you to the peaks which make you not to concentrate on your work. Also, some summer skin problems like skin rashes, acne breakouts will make things more complicated. To avoid skin problems in summer, you can use different face masks which are easily available outside. But I suggest you use natural homemade face masks and skin care oils and so your summer will go with a low cost and in a healthy way.

There are many special massages that you can do at your home in summer and they will cool your body and make you relaxed. Summer special massages include different herbs that make your skin glowing and shiny. Just rubbing some aloe vera will give you instant relief from hotness. Also, there are many skin tan remedies which help you remove tan just in 20 minutes after getting home from outside. Lemon juice, Aloe vera, Potato, Almonds etc can help you remove the tan.

Summer Clothing:

Summer Clothes

Summer Clothes

Prefer light colored clothes as they reflect light and makes you feel better in this hot summer. Say a big NO to black in this season as it absorbs heat. Choose a detergent with bleach alternative for your clothes and using laundry boosters like borax or washing soda to remove sweat stains. If you love sunbathing or swimming, your bathing suit requires cool water wash immediately after you remove it.

Cotton fabrics should be your only choice to beat summer heat as they absorb sweat and reduce the body odor. Using loose clothes in summer is extremely comfortable and you can find many stylish loose clothes in online stores. Covering your body with light cotton fabrics is a better idea than going with sleeveless tops and shorts which result in skin tan.




Don’t expose your expressive eyes to the sun, Protect them using sunglasses. But do you know they are even more benefits for your eyes if you use sunglasses? About 10 percent of skin cancers are found near your eyes. So wearing UV-protective sunglasses with large lenses will protect both your eyes and skin and you definitely look stylish. Also, it lowers a migraine and small headaches.

Summer Trips:

Summer Trips

Summer Trips

You can enjoy outdoors in summer but don’t forget to protect yourself from sunlight. Making a plan for a summer trip to a cool place is really a great idea if you have enough money. Sacrifice your shopping or beauty parlor bill for this month so that you can visit your nearest cool place. The perfect trip makes you forget the season’s trouble.

Select the place where you can get seasonal fruits and vegetables (organic), a lot of water, for a trip. Exploring the nature makes you feel fresh and happy and the memories will last forever!

So, why late! Make all the summer days perfect this time with the tips and feel free to add more summer tips and suggestions in comments.

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