Mahanati Didn’t Defame Gemini Ganesan: Savitri’s Daughter

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Recently, Kamala Selvaraj expressed her sadness on showing her father Gemini Ganeshan in a negative role in Mahanati saying that his characterization is objectionable. As a reply for her words, Savitri’s daughter Vijaya Chamundeswari decently disagreed with her words saying that Kamala Selvaraj might have seen the film in her own perspective which made her think in a different way.

Vijaya said to Kamala that she always respect Alivelu (Kamala’s mother) as she mentored her in childhood. Vijaya also explained that the allegation that Selvaraj made in portraying Gemini as the one who made Savitri a drunkard doesn’t confirm that she consumed alcohol for the first time. Viajaya said that she feels Savitri started as a social drinker.

“But where the film degraded Nannagaru? If you tell me where the film has degraded nannagaru, I can reply”, Vijaya said. Also, she said that Nag Ashwin directed the film Mahanati in a right way.

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