Facebook Dating Feature for Real & Long-term Relationships

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On Tuesday, at Facebook’s Annual F8 Developer Conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is launching a “Dating” feature very soon. Mark explained that this app is meant for real and long-term relationships but not just for hook-ups.

The Facebook dating feature will match users specifically with the people they aren’t friends with and any Facebook user can build their dating profile which their friends are unable to see. But it will be visible to the non-friends who opted for dating.

As we all know Facebook has our personal data than any other do and so it can match the preferences perfectly and get you a good life-partner. Isn’t it awesome!

Facebook said that the recommendations will be based on dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends. Also, Facebook users have a chance to discover the like-minded people through their groups or events.

When will Facebook Dating Feature be Launched?

Though Mark didn’t mention a specific day, he said that Facebook will launch the dating feature soon and it is under scrutiny already.

How is Facebook Dating Feature Works?

  1. Create a profile with your name and only the people with similar interests can see your profile.
  2. You can now browse the events and groups that are similar to your interests.
  3. You can select one to unlock according to your wish and the other dating users can also do the same.
  4. After unlocking, you are able to see some pictures and the basic information about them. You’ll also be shown to the people based on interests and friends.
  5. If you both are interested, you will be able to text in a special inbox (not messenger) but only text messages are allowed for now (for safety purpose.)

Mark said that the dating feature was built keeping the user’s privacy in mind and speaking on recent data leak at Cambridge Analytica, he said “it was a major breach of trust that must never happen again”.

Is Facebook Dating Feature Useful?

We are already seeing people falling love on Facebook and getting married. Now, this Facebook dating feature made it even easy for the people who want to find their best-half on social media. According to many people, this feature is very helpful to the youth and also they are a few people who were opposing.

Mark also said that Facebook Dating Feature is completely safe to use as it will undergo Cambridge Analytica service before launching.

Also, Facebook is working on a new tool called ‘Clear History’, which allows people to see and delete the data that Facebook has collected from different apps and websites so that the risk factor is also low. Apart from these major changes on Facebook, the other changes that can be seen soon are Instagram Video Chat, AR Camera Effects on Instagram, WhatsApp Group Calling, and Crisis/Natural Disaster Response.

Still there are many questions!

Though Mark said there is no risk involved in Facebook Dating Feature and it is safe, there are still many questions remained answered. Will Facebook comes up with a separate policy for the dating service? Will Facebook collect the information about sexual preferences? If so, it might be a problem in countries like India, where homosexuality is not accepted.

Also, how about harassment on this network? Will the users be able to block the person who doesn’t like after a chat? Already, there are many people who are harassing women through Facebook fake accounts and this Facebook Dating Feature might make the things worse. How could a person know whether the dating profile is related to married men or unmarried? Will Facebook asks them to submit the proof of Single or committed?

There are tons of questions and doubts that mark should clarify as Facebook has no ideal track record in dealing with fake profiles.

Despite all the problems, there are also some strong reasons why this Facebook Dating Feature should be introduced to the people and the only thing Mark has to take care is about ‘Privacy’ and ‘Safety’.






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