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  • Backpacker Sent Hate Mail for Revealing Sexual Harassment by Australian Farmers

Backpacker Sent Hate Mail for Revealing Sexual Harassment by Australian Farmers

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  • 11 Months ago
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Sexual Harassment by Australian Farmers

This is nothing less than a rape or sexual violence asking female to work naked. A young student Kathering Stoner shared her chilling experiences of sexual harassment as a backpacker went to Australia. She explained that she was asked to work naked and slapped with garlic sticks during farm work on her adventurous trip.

Soon after the article about this was published, she received abusive comments from the UK. The mail reads “I am appalled to hear your opinion on Australian farmers. Australian farmers are backbone of the country who are always battling economic and weather problems”.

The mail also says ‘The Australian farm couture is rough and incredibly sexist, always has been and always will be. Just for your information, all Australians are aware of this (sic). Stoner explained that she taken aback of exposing the seedy underbelly of farm work culture in Australia after getting these messages.

The email writer also said Stoner not to visit their country again and she should not bother making her film. The writer also said that the attempt of Stoner categorizing all the farmers in this way will be immediately shut down by the public. “I beg you not come to my country and don’t come into the couture and expect the people to behave how you want.

Stoner said she also received many positive messages and she is not going to stop this just for any negative messages and she also said that comments made her even more determined.

Katherine Stoner’s Story:

Stoney with her best friend after her schooling flew away to Sydney at her 18. She wants to travel Australia for adventure and work as well but they landed there, it became hard to find work. Then they saw online advertisements about online farms and fruit-picking jobs and they replied to come over. Both went to the place and joined there and there are other 8 people along with them.

Farmer said the word had dried up and said only we two can work on both, said Stoney. He gave work like trimming trees and when we started work, he said we should work naked. We just didn’t know how to react, Stoney explained.

They left for the day and the next day all the ten female are working and one old farmer with a stick started tapping lightly on one girl’s bare legs. Some girls who want to give police complaint feared and thought that was a part of farm work. Similarly, there are many girls who face the same problems, they heard farmers being racist and verbally abusive.

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