5 Reasons to Watch Ammamma Gari Illu

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Ammamma Gari Illu is a recent family entertainer that got mixed reviews for its emotions and slow pace. There are a few people who felt the film similar to Shatamanam Bhavathi and got bored. But if you love your grandmother, it is a must watch film to you. Here are a few reasons to watch the film Ammamma Gari Illu.


The relationship between Naga Shaurya and his grandmother (Sumitra) is warm and Shaurya’s love for her makes you feel emotional sometimes. You will see maturity in the performance of Naga Shaurya when compared to his previous films. The way how Shaurya convinces everyone in the family seems impressive.


Dialogues of Ammamma Gari Illu were written by the director of the film Sunder Surya himself. The One-liners were heart-touching and we can observe them throughout the film. The situational dialogues by Shaurya and the way he convinces all his relatives and Rao Ramesh with his words at the end is highly impressive.


The comedy elements in the first half of the film are interesting and Shakalaka Shankar makes the audience laugh hard.


Each and every actor in the film did justice to their roles and we cannot ignore even one. Naga Shaurya with his emotions and Shamili with her energy levels impressed everyone. Rao Ramesh in a negative character performed very well and Posani Krishna Murali adds some humor touch. Shakalaka Shankar comedy needs a special mention. Shivaji Raja, Sudha, Hema, and Suman are good in their roles.


Though there are just two songs in the film, they sound too good. The song ‘Chala Chala” grabbed the attention of the youth with the romantic touch between Shaurya and shamili and the title song “Ammamma Gari Illu” was liked by the whole audience. We must thank Kalyan Koduri for two wonderful songs.

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