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30 Days Weight Loss Challenge

It’s the same story that people are familiar with – Weight Loss. Seriously, I heard this word throughout the year and came to know there are many people just like me! How to lose weight fast is the question of many people I come across on social media but I don’t why? What’s the need of losing weight so fast? People who want to lose weight, first have to understand that losing weight is not a big deal, but managing is! Yes, weight management is really a tough task as we have to continue and commit it for a long time (lifetime may be).

To date, I made a lot of mistakes in my diet and lifestyle which made me put on weight that causes many health problems. Usually, I set my fitness goals at the beginning of the year (however, fails to follow) which now I felt was a wrong decision. Do you know why? We feel like entering a new year is like another life on earth (we feel like changing everything). Taking weight loss as a New Year resolution is actually the good thing, but isn’t it a good idea to prepare yourself for it a bit earlier (let’s say a month before)!

So, now I planned to do something which I missed out for years and that is nothing but making my body habituated to good diet, physical activity, and lifestyle in a month (this December) so that you are used to all the good things and won’t feel like you are in a hell from the very first day. You are not going to shed all your extra pounds in a month which is highly risky and unhealthy but you can prepare your mind and body easily to a healthy lifestyle that helps natural weight loss.

It’s hard to move forward without knowing the causes of a problem and same goes with weight loss. Over-weight or Obesity has different reasons to attack you, may be your laziness or PCOS. So, it is essential to know the cause of your over-weight, check the over-weight causes here.

Causes of Over-Weight or Obesity:

  1. Bad Lifestyle
  2. Lack of physical activities
  3. Poor eating habits
  4. Health problems
  5. Genetics

What to Do?

Try to Change! It is the first thing you have to prepare your mind with. You have to change everything that gains you weight and here I am mentioning the most common things to do for weight loss.

  1. Lifestyle:

A bad lifestyle is the first reason for overweight and I know changing lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s not impossible either. Making small changes in your daily life may help you lose weight naturally. Let’s see some important things you have to make changes in your lifestyle, if you are committed to natural weight loss seriously.

Sleeping Habits:

Sip some water right now and be cool, you may faint out after listening to me ( kidding 😉 ). Wake up at least at 5 AM, I know it’s hard for many of you just like me, but it is essential to do it to notice a considerable change in your weight. When your day starts at 5’O clock, it can be organized well and you will find time for everything so that there will be no need to skip exercise or physical activity.

How to Wake up So Early?

Start slowly:

If you have a habit of waking up at 7.30 or 8 AM like me, it is not that easy to wake up so early. So, you can start it waking up at 6 AM and keep on changing the time to 5.45, 5.35, and so on till it reaches our target time 5 AM (this works) and by the end of the month, you can start waking up on said time and that’s what we all are actually planning to do!

Sleep Early:

As you sleep early, you can wake up early. We know 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required for us, if it is not possible, at least 6 hours of good sleep is essential and maintaining proper timings will make you healthy and helps you get rid of over-weight. Along with health, your beauty also gets benefited from a good sleep as it reduces dark circles. So, how to sleep early? Everything is becoming a question as we have tons of bad habits that every lazy slug has (like me!) Here are some tips to make you sleep early and again, a cup of water, better keep a bottle of water with you now! (I am going to hit hard on your heart)

No Mobile while Sleeping:

We can’t feel a sense of satisfaction if we don’t scroll our Facebook feed or check Whatsapp Statuses at night, before sleeping! This is what you have to avoid and I suggest throwing your phone out by 9.30 PM (not from your window). Keep it somewhere in your room if you use the alarm in mobile phones.

Say Bye to Overnight Work:

I can’t help you if you are working for rotational or night shifts for a company. But if you are a 9 to 5 workman, leave your work right there, at the office and take care of your own personal life. If you are a freelancer, I suggest not working in odd timings just for your client. Being a freelancer, I know it is not that easy to manage the work you got from multiple clients, but yeah, your health, social, and personal life are important as well. So, I decided to work just like people work in their office (say it 10 to 5 or something like that).

If you are free (not working), it is even harder to sleep fast at night and this happens because you may not give enough work to your body that makes you feel tired which gives you a good sleep. So, even you are free at home, try to do as much work as you can, help your mom, cook, clean, read, what not! If you are a new mom, your little one will never allow you to sleep properly, so it is better to follow their timings (try to get some rest while he/she is sleeping).


Wonder how meditation helps weight loss? Mediation is one of the best ways to lose weight and many researchers have proved it already. Being relaxed and clearing your mind is what we call meditation and it’s not easy as said. When one of my friends suggested me to meditate every day for 20 minutes to get relief from stress, I started doing that and came to know it is not so easy and I am able to do that for just 5 minutes. Meditation is all about concentration and practice, so, I am practising it daily and suggest you start it today.

How to Do?

After waking up early in the morning, the first thing you have to do is meditation. Doing it for 5 minutes before starting your busy day helps you with many issues, it may be health, beauty, and stress. Though you feel hard initially just like me, never give up on this, as you are going to get some hidden benefits as well. Practice doing it daily and make it up to 20 minutes slowly, if you are going to increase, even more, that’s good indeed!

How Meditation Relates to Weight Loss?

It’s highly related. Don’t think your improper diet and lack of exercise is the only cause for gaining weight. Many people who follow a proper diet, physical activities, and no other health problems were also gaining weight and the only reason is stress. Stress is not something that you and I are suffering from but every person on the earth is facing the same, but what makes the difference is the way they deal with.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that says your body to store fat which makes losing weight harder and the only way to get relief from stress is meditation. Also, meditations help you gain control over yourself so that you can develop less cravings for your favourite food and someday, completely no cravings. After few days, you can find difference within yourself with that reduced stress, attention, peace etc.

Before even starting the meditation, you first have to know and understand the reason behind your stress. Some things that cause stress would be easily identified but some don’t and take their own time. So spend enough time to know your negative things to work on them. For the people, who are not able to find out what they are going through even after a good thinking, here is something that helps you, WELLBE. Till now, we saw many health and fitness trackers but Wellbe bracelet tracks your mental health but it is a bit high. If you can’t afford the tracker, sit peacefully and try to find out your problem.

You have to be focused on your breathing process (inhale and exhale) and using a mantra like ‘Om’ generates positive vibrations. If you are not okay with it, you can even use ‘I am happy, I am peaceful’ and any other positive words that make you happy. But remember, Mediation helps weight loss but not alone!

  1. Physical Activities:

Physical activity not only helps natural weight loss but also makes your body strong and gives a special glow to your face. There are many physical activities that help you reach your goal and you can select what excites you more. Check the list!


Yoga is a way of life and it is a practice of improving ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Yoga works as best as any other weight loss programs and it gives the results equal to exercise but slowly. Yes, the process of losing your weight is slow with meditation, but trust me, it can make miracles if you are going to do it consistently. Yoga improves your day and overall lifestyle that makes you feel confident enough that you could lose weight.

Depending on your goal, there are different types of Yoga that helps weight loss and the most powerful one among them is power yoga. There are many yoga trainers who can train you from basics to expansion. If you can’t afford that cost, there are many videos available on yoga poses on YouTube. If you are a beginner, don’t go with serious weight loss poses as our intention is to make our body used to the yoga. So, begin with small that encourages you to lose weight.

If you failed to choose yoga poses that suits you, go with Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskaras), I believe this works for everyone. Sun Salutation not only helps natural weight loss but also improves health through blood circulation, tones up your skin, and makes your body flexible. These are just some of the benefits of Surya Namaskaras and we have a long list of it to explain. The wonderful benefit of Surya Namaskaras we must speak about is that focuses on your whole body.

As said, the process of losing weight through yoga takes its own sweet time, so, you people definitely need the patience to see the results. Though it takes time to lose weight naturally, you can feel the difference in your confidence levels very fast. Basic level of Surya Namaskaras is okay to do at home, but if you want to learn advanced poses, you will definitely need a trainer. If you are not able to get a trainer, then you can watch videos and observe them to understand.

Hit the Gym:

I know what you are going to ask. Will I gain weight again if I stop hitting the gym and stop all the workouts? Firstly, why you should stop that? Getting the thought of giving up in the initial stage itself is a sign of negativity that makes you achieve nothing, ever. And coming to the point, you will definitely gain weight if you stop exercising and give the rest which is more than required, to your body.

There is also another reason behind gaining weight after stopping the gymming. When you are visiting the gym, you will follow the diet suggested by your gym instructor and when you give up on gymming, you are also giving up on the diet and this is the main reason of your weight gain. So, continuity is the thing you should maintain before taking the decision of joining a gym.

No Gym in your Place?

Mine is a village and there is no gym here and I know there are many people like me staying in villages. So, this for you! If you have a strong desire and enough time, there is no need of a gym that there are many blogs or other platforms that help you doing exercises at your home. Every gym workout has an alternative that you can do at home. So, don’t get appointed!

Walk Miles:

There are many medical controversies on walking Vs jogging. Jogging is really a good idea and it definitely gives fast results than walking as it burns double calories but running burns even more calories. But don’t be too hurry to select the fastest method. You have to know much more like the difference between all the three.

Running helps you lose weight naturally fast but it is hard on your joints and troubles you if you are doing it for the first time. Sometimes, it may also cause knee injuries that lose confidence in yourself and makes you stop running. Also, you get stuck somewhere after 5 to 10 minutes due to the increased cardio activity. If you are already good at running, you can go with it but if you are a beginner, you have other options.

Jogging is a moderate thing, if you feel running doesn’t suit you. It will also increase your heart rate but not as much as running do. To know how many calories you are losing for a mile through jogging just multiply your weight with 0.74.

Walking is really the best option where there is no risk and help you move forward towards your goal i.e., weight loss. Brisk walk helps lose your weight easily if you do it every day. A Brisk Walk is ‘steps per minute’ and 100 steps per minute is considered as moderate. Brisk can be slow or speed walk depending on the fitness of the person.

If you are not able to brisk walk, then you can go with a risk-free normal walk for miles which helps natural weight loss. Many people think a normal walk can gain you nothing, but it is proved to be wrong long back. Walking normally for miles help you burn calories but gradually.


Weight loss with happiness, who doesn’t love it! Do you know your happy body moves helps you losing weight? There are many dance moves that concentrates and helps natural weight loss. Dances like Aerobics, Zumba, Hip Hop, Latin, Ballroom, Bokwa, Bhangra, Nia etc. These are just few dance types that support weight loss as they are many to list out all.

You can join dance classes as there are many professionals out there but you are not able to pay them, you can learn the dance by subscribing to some video channels which provide great weight loss dance steps.

House Things:

We often neglect doing house things. Just go back to your ancestor’s age and think what makes them so fit and strong when there are no gyms or special yoga centres for weight loss. There are no kitchen and home appliances at that time, so people used to work hard to serve their needs and the process of work like cleaning home, cooking food, everything helps them to stay fit and healthy. But, now we have modern electronic appliances that make us sit relaxed with almost no work. So, just help your mom in her work like cleaning, cooking etc which makes your mom happy and gives your body some exercise.

  1. Eating Habits:

Eating habits plays a very important role in natural weight loss. A perfect diet is really essential to reach your goal. Let me explain what ‘Dieting’ really mean. People often think eating less or almost nothing is called diet which makes them spoil their own health. Eating proper food at proper timings is what I called diet. There are many foods which we already got addicted to and leaving them immediately may lead to craving. Diet is a consistent process you should follow without losing patience.

Following the diet for losing the weight also has some negative on your body and brain as well. Initially, it seems easy to lose weight with the diet but soon your metabolism adjusts to the diet, it becomes hard to lose more calories. Following the strict diet sometimes causes fat loss which in turn increases your appetite.

After every meal, your fat cells releases a hormone called ‘Leptin’ that gives the signal to your brain that you are full and this makes you stop eating. But in the people who are trying to lose weight through strict diet, has less Leptin which makes the brain to regain it and that causes even more craving for your favorite junk food.

So, Should I avoid Diet?

No, not exactly. Being careless about your over-weight is really risky which causes some serious problems like obesity in your 20’s and 30’s and the situation becomes even worse at your 50’s as there are more chances to get heart diseases, hypertension, Diabetes, etc. So, it is important to follow a healthy diet but not a strict diet (in the initial stage) that increases appetite. All we need to control ourselves is making up the mind and practice.

First, give some clarity to yourself. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it to look beautiful at your wedding or your friend’s or to fit in beautiful slim fit jeans at least for once? If so, better avoid any kind of exercise or diet as there is no use of it and there is a risk of increasing weight even more. Remember, if you want to lose weight, you should have a strong desire on it. Looking beautiful and slim makes you happy and feels good and confident, but it won’t happen overnight or in a few days. Weight loss happens and stays with you for the lifetime only if it is natural and consistent, of course, you should come out of comfort zone.

What is the quickest way to Lose Weight?

Sorry, there is no quickest way to lose weight in a healthy way. Be patient as I said earlier and understand your body well to follow a good diet.

What Kind of Foods Can I Eat?

Anything! You can eat anything in limits (in the initial stage, however, you have to avoid all junk slowly). It won’t disturb your weight loss challenge until you eat your favorite food continuously without any limits. You just have to count the calories and do enough workouts to manage your weight.

There are many 30 days weight loss plans and challenges that make you become slim in a month but losing weight more than 3 to 4 kilograms per month is not healthy, so this is just like a trailer part of the film to practice the diet and improves your confidence in a month.


No Rice:

Being a south Indian, it’s not so easy for me to give up rice and when I heard that there is no need of giving it up, you know those words made me so happy! Yes, there is no need to stop eating food to lose weight. It is better to take brown rice which makes your strong and helps losing weight as well. But, there are people like me who cannot go with brown rice for its taste. So, if you are just like me, eat white rice just a cup with 2 cups of curry, however, it’s not healthy, so do it only if have no option.

No Ghee:

Do you know that ghee is one of the fat burning foods? People mistook that ghee will increase weight, but actually, it helps you losing weight naturally. Ghee contains more of saturated fats that are considered as unhealthy but they are unhealthy only if taken in large quantities. 1 to 2 tsp of ghee (around 15 gm) is really good for your health and has many benefits. Ghee is rich in fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K which help your immune system strong. Ghee also improves digestive system and reduces bad cholesterol levels. So, this is just awesome news for ghee lovers like me!

What to Eat:

Oats, Brown Bread, Brown Rice, Fruits, Fresh Juices, Coconut Meat, Green Leafy Vegetables, Seafood, Honey, Green Tea, Homemade Smoothies, Nuts, Coconut Oil or Olive Oil, Cottage Cheese, Skimmed Milk, Chapattis, etc

What Not to Eat?

Avoid Junky: I know how we all are addicted to junk foods and it is not that easy to avoid it immediately. All you need to do is preparing yourself for not eating unhealthy junk food. It is really hard for me to gain control over myself, when I see my favourite pizza, whatever it is and I know you people also feels the same. So, preparing yourself and being strong is the first thing you have to remember and do.

Sugary Foods:

Stop taking refined sugary products. It is not possible to stop eating all sugary foods as we cannot find whether the product has sugar or not. These days, almost all the food items have sugar in it. So, at least avoid too much of sweetness.

Other Stuff:

Packaged foods, oil foods, chips, pastries, and all similar things, fast foods, chocolates, white rice, potatoes, cookies, pasta, and the list goes on. You will come to know what to avoid in practice.

Hydrate Yourself:

Drinking enough water will help you lose weight naturally. Generally, doctors suggest 4 to 5 liters of water for a normal person. You can also calculate how many liters you have to drink every day and it is so simple. Just have one liter for every 20 kilograms of your weight. If you are 50 kg, then drink two and a half liters of water at least. Though there are many other benefits of drinking a right quantity of water at right times, I am only discussing here, about weight loss.

So, What’s the Diet Now?

Energy Drink:

This is a well-known weight loss tip that many of you already know. It’s lemon water with honey. Both lemon and honey has many hidden benefits and it helps you in weight loss. Take a cup of warm water and add half a lemon and 1 spoon of Honey. Drinking it immediately or 5 minutes after waking up can helps you in clearing your stomach.

Morning Nuts:

It is essential to eat something as soon as you wake up (30 minutes to 1 hour) to boost your metabolism. Take dry fruits like Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, etc. Nuts taking in limits help weight loss than eating some other unhealthy food. Just take 4 to 5 of each nut.

Healthy Oil-free Breakfast:

After your morning workouts, between 8 to 9 AM, take your healthy breakfast like Oats, brown bread, fruit salad (with no topping creams), Idli (2), corn flakes, Sprouts, etc. Only take the food that you won’t have any side-effects.

Fresh fruit juice:

A fresh fruit juice gives energy, without gaining more calories, but using sugar spoils everything. So, if you want your juice to be a bit sweet, you can use a spoon of honey or a date. Drink the juice after 2 hours of your breakfast. If you have Anemia, you can go with carrot-beetroot juice which also has many benefits for natural weight loss.

Healthy Lunch:

A cup of rice with 2 cups of curry (no fries) supports weight loss. You can eat even less rice if it is possible to you.

Green Tea and a Fruit:

Green tea has many benefits and one among them is weight loss. Yes, green tea helps you losing weight naturally without any pills and trust me, you will be addicted to it after a few months just like me. If you have a habit of taking snacks in the evening and you can’t give up on this, you can eat any fruit. You can also make a healthy vegetable salad as it plays a vital role in losing weight naturally.


Have your dinner at least before eight. Let it be 2 chapattis or pulkas. If you got bored with the same chapattis every day, you can replace it with weight flour upma in alternative days.

Nuts before Sleep:

Walnuts will benefit you if you eat them at night before sleeping. Soak 2 walnuts before 2 hours and eat them 10 minutes before you are going to sleep.

Note: Don’t forget to drink enough water in between.

  1. Health Problems:

People often get discouraged if they won’t lose a pound even after a perfect healthy diet and tough workouts after several months. If this happens to you, it is better you could see a doctor as it may be some health issue stopping you from losing weight. The health problems like Hypothyroidism, Chronic Stress, Cushing’s Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Syndrome X, Hormonal Changes etc doesn’t allow you to lose weight naturally so it is a must to consult a doctor without neglecting your condition before committing any kind of diet.

Depression is also a reason for your weight gain, how bad everything is related to weight loss! People who are in depression tend to eat more which increases their weight. Also, the depressed people don’t have the self-control to follow the diet and do some physical activity continuously.

Even, they do so, weight loss is just impossible if you are depressed. So, one should get out of depression as there are many ways like reading books, changing attitude, speaking with positive people and spreading positivity, etc. If nothing works, better consult a psychologist who helps you to get out of your problem.

  1. Genetics:

If you are gaining weight even you are following a healthy diet and exercise with no other health problems, then the reason behind your weight gain might be genetics. Yes, genetic disorders stops you from losing weight even you are doing everything to reach your goal. Because of several mutations in the family members, the present generation can also get the same problem and that is what we call genetic disorder and same goes with weight loss. Seeing a doctor may help you to some extent though it may not solve your problem completely.

Points to Remember:

  1. Weight loss is a slow process so losing more than 4 kilograms of weight per month is a risk.
  2. Preparing earlier and making up your mind is important before starting a diet or any physical activity.
  3. Consistency, practice, and passion are the three things that help you lose weight naturally.
  4. This ’30-day weight loss challenge’ is not to shed all your pounds in a single month but it is to bring confidence that you can follow the weight loss tips consistently.
  5. Weight loss pills don’t help in the long run and may cause side-effects.
  6. Weight loss plan is necessary before starting it.
  7. Participating in weight loss contests continuously may encourage you to maintain your weight for the long term.
  8. Don’t ever believe losing 10 or 20 kilograms weight in 30 days.
  9. Natural weight loss powders made at home helps to some extent.
  10. Don’t use weight loss supplements as a natural way of losing weight is always the better option.
  11. Drink green tea or any other herbal tea that helps natural weight loss.
  12. Don’t believe commercial weight loss products.
  13. Vitamin B12, Calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids can help you lose weight.
  14. If you are not losing weight after following a healthy diet and physical fitness, you should see a doctor as weight loss medication is essential.
  15. Follow the weight loss diet that suits you as no one knows better ‘YOU’ except you.
  16. The best way to lose weight is practising diet and physical activity continuously and consistently.
  17. Follow what your grandma says. They know more weight loss tips than us.
  18. Low carb diets support weight loss.
  19. Eat more fat burning foods.
  20. Ketogenic diet doesn’t work in long run.
  21. Don’t sleep after waking up in the morning till night and don’t rest your body continuously.
  22. Don’t cheat yourself by saying ’JUST THIS TIME’ as it makes you feel worthless and that’s going to be the biggest mistake, ever.
  23. There is no fastest way to lose weight, so don’t think about it.
  24. Weight loss meal plan gives you enough confidence that makes you lose weight.
  25. Make a healthy diet plan that won’t spoil your health but only benefits you.
  26. Protein powders or shakes for weight loss is a good idea as it is not that easy to get enough proteins from the food that we daily take
  27. Sit straight, don’t bend!
  28. Fasting once in a week helps clean your stomach that helps weight loss. Do it if you have that habit and no health issues like gastric trouble, Diabetes, etc.
  29. Weight management is much harder than weight loss.
  30. Drink enough water
  31. Cook with coconut oil or olive oil.

Short-term Memory Loss?

I don’t really mean it! We generally forget our to-do’s often and organizing a day, in the beginning, is not so easy. Here comes the app ‘Haptik’ to help you. I love this app as I feel it cares a lot about me than any of my friends. I just set reminders for once and get remembered by it, every day (through calls and messages), how sweet it is! Once you set the reminder, Haptik will call you even you have no internet connection, so just make use of it.

Planner Works!

Planning is really important to complete any task successfully and people many times fail to get a perfect plan. Every person can’t follow the same diet to lose weight as the people are with different body types. Some dietary methods works well for me, but may not for you, similarly, some exercises may not help me, but help you losing weight. So, it is hard to decide what kind foods helps you lose weight, so now, all you have to do is observing the foods and exercises that supports weight loss for you.

So, here is the best idea. Get a planner from any of the popular online websites and plan your day perfectly. If you cannot afford a planner online, I am providing a ‘Day Planner’ and ‘Weekly Planner’ for your diet and exercise for just 20 INR (It is less than any of your favourite snack). All you have to do now is, knowing what food supports your weight loss making a plan according to that, using the planner. I prefer taking print of the planner than editing it online. Writing on it with my own hands makes me happy and gives pleasure.

If cannot afford even 20 INR, don’t worry, I can give it for free! Just connect me on my website or Facebook page. After buying the planner, if you feel it’s not worthy, your money will be returned!

Weight Loss Challenge Ideas:

Buy Dream Dress:

Everyone wants to look fit, slim, and beautiful but lacks inspiration many times. Let your dream dress be your first inspirer. Buy a beautiful dress but not of your size but wanna be size. Seeing it every day will make you feel wearing that dress and you can get some control over distractions.

Weight Loss Pictures:

There are many researchers who proved that taking pictures to see the improvement will also helps gaining enough confidence (you can inspire others too). Before and After pictures are really good to get some idea on how much you are losing and how good you are looking!

Save Money: Save money by avoiding junk food. I used to eat my favorite snack every day which costs 20 – 30 INR. So, it’s nearly 900 INR which is not too less. Buy a piggy bank which we used in our childhood and drop the money (your junk food cost) in it when you want to eat junk food. You can use that money to help some needy or for your small relaxation trip.

Stop Being Average: I read it somewhere and these are the words of someone that inspired me (sorry for not mentioning the name). Stop being average! Stop excusing yourself for not exercising or eating your favorite food once.

AS I said earlier, You can wake up at 5 AM now, but soon you have to change that time to 4 AM that helps your cover many essential things and do you know about the fresh air which comes to us at 4’O clock, it’s amazing, just feel it!

You can eat in limits but it is essential to leave junk slowly. I said no strict diet, that doesn’t mean forever. As you are starting now, don’t fear yourself but make your diet strict slowly, exercise for 30 minutes now, but you have to spend 2 to 3 hours on workouts in future.

As a beginner, it is okay to excuse once or twice but don’t be a beginner forever, come out of comfort zone, become a pro, stop being average!

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